Drug Paraphernalia

DeKalb County Drug Paraphernalia Possession Attorney

A drug paraphernalia possession charge can often have consequences that are worse than charges involving drug possession. Paraphernalia convictions carry a mandatory minimum fine of $750. Cases involving paraphernalia are particularly complex and it is essential that you retain an attorney who is not only experienced, but current on Illinois drug laws.

Drug Paraphernalia

Illinois Lawyer Experienced In Cases Involving Bong And Pipe Possession

I am attorney Mary Petruchius and I have more than 20 years of legal experience. I have seen cases involving a variety of materials that have been deemed to be drug paraphernalia, including:

  • One-hitter pipes
  • Glass pipes
  • Metal pipes
  • Hookahs
  • Bongs

In some situations, pens or hollowed out fruits can be considered paraphernalia. It must be proven that the object in question was knowingly in your possession and was manufactured for the specific purpose of ingesting drugs. These cases frequently originate on college campuses. If you or your child was involved in a drug crime, I have extensive experience in juvenile crime cases.

I am committed to giving my clients the trustworthy, knowledgeable representation they deserve. As a former educator with a background in mental health and anthropology, I have a clear understanding of the many complex emotions and concerns you may be facing. I am here to serve as both an advocate and defender of your rights.

Several things can go wrong during an arrest, including an unlawful search and seizure. I will carefully investigate the circumstances of your situation in an effort to determine if your rights were protected to their fullest extent.